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kiraseldon's Journal

Kira Seldon
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I'm a yaoi and yuri fangirl with artistic pretensions and about five original manga scripts cluttering my hard drive in Various States of Eternal Revision.

One of them is being drawn, God help me. Someday in the Darkness.

I have a tendency to rant and to get much too emotionally involved in the lives of fictional characters. My favorite authors are Diane Duane and Barbara Hambly; my favorite manga, D.N.Angel, Yami no Matsuei, Count Cain, and Tokyo Babylon. I have a sadistic tendency to torture my original characters when writing. I get death threats from the OCs whose spirits I have not yet broken. Although I rarely write fanfic, I do ridiculous amounts of fanart, mostly yaoi with some yuri and the occasional gen picture. I may even do het if I ever learn to draw Integra and Alucard, who enjoy pride of places as the Only Het Couple I Ship. My fanart and original art is likely to end up posted on my journal whenever I finish a picture that I do not hate.

I cosplay at Anime Expo every year, although I won't be for the next two years on account of living in Japan. I may branch out to other cons while here. I still want to do a Zangetsu costume...